A headshot of Tim Frie over a light gray background smiling. He is wearing a tan shirt with two thick dark blue stripes over the front of his shoulders.

Hey, I'm Tim!

I'm a multidisciplinary intra/entrepreneur, therapeutic content & inclusive health education strategist, doctoral candidate, activist, researcher, and writer.I study and talk about the sociology of health and illness — the ways that our social, digital, and life experiences shape how we understand our body and make decisions about our health. Does this also mean I'm something of a health sociologist, too?I believe that trauma-informed, inclusive, culturally responsive, accessible, and empathetic care should be the standard of care — not specialties.In March 2023, I co-founded Clove Health, a health communications company that powers the most inclusive, engaging, and trauma-informed digital care experiences.Prior to this, I worked in the healthcare, venture capital, medical education, and real estate technology industries as a holistic marketing operations, business strategy, and people leader.


I'm available to speak (virtually or in-person) in Q3 and Q4 of 2023. If you're a podcast host or conference organizer, you're welcome to reach out.